Kauai Vaccine Mandates & Effects on Kauai Jobs

9/14/2021 Report: Kauai’s Port Allen Pier Now Mandating Tour Boat Workers Get Vaxxed or Test Every Three Days!
Aloha Kauai. This morning I received a call from Kekaha residents who work for one of the large tour boat companies based out of Port Allen Pier, a state facility. They met the Harbor Master on the way to their boats and were told that they will soon be required to enforce a vaccine check each day or the workers will have to show a new, negative test result valid for only 72 HOURS! Thats two tests a week for Kekaha residents who would have to travel 30 miles, one way, twice a week to Lihue to get tested and comply with this mandate while protecting their right to decide what goes into their bodies! These men are worried that their employer will soon just require the vaccine or they will have to look for employment elsewhere or risk injury and maybe death. This is not Freedom!
Governor Ige in his wisdom has just thrown a huge monkey wrench into everyday lives here on Kauai. Are mandated onerous restrictions necessary? I don’t think so, and neither do these workers!
Names withheld on request of callers. Fred Sarmento 9/14/2021 7:30 AM
9/15/2021, received text message that employer, had now notified all boat crew and maintenance employees of the vaccine mandate due to Port Allen pier being state property. They will have to certify vaccination status or test WEEKLY, on their own time, by 12 PM every Thursday. Reservation staff are exempt currently and those walking tourists to the boats will not be able to enter the pier and must be met at the gate. Vendors can only spend 10 minutes to drop off supplies. Fred Sarmento 9/16/2021