Kauai Covid Vaccine Reactions

Carol’s Story – 10/3/2021 (Posted as received- Fred)

My name is Carol (Redacted by request of Carol). First off, I want to say, I had reactions to a flu shot 40 years ago and have not had one since. I would be traveling and on 5 flights in 3 weeks so my doctor convinced me it would be different and advised me to get the shot. I received my first Pfizer shot on at Wilcox on April 21, 2021.  I had no reaction, besides a sore arm. I received my second Pfizer shot on May 11, 2021at UCHealth in Loveland, CO. On May 12th I was very sick and have had a headache that NEVER GOES AWAY (almost 6 months), although the intensity has diminished. About 10 days after my shot my right eye became blurry and cloudy and sensitive to light. 

Since that time, I have seen:

  • 2 Chiropractors 
  • 2 Cranial Sacral Practitioners who brought my pain level down from a 7 – 9 on a 1-10 pain scale to a 5 after 2 months of treatment.
  • PCP who gave me a Torol Shot (did nothing) and MRI (Negative)
  • Rheumatologist who took bloodwork and wanted to put me on 60 mg Prednisone, do a Temporal Artery Biopsy for my eye and MRA (Negative) I denied the biopsy and after a second blood test decided I did not need.
  • #1 Neurologist wanted to put me on Emagility but before doing so (for insurance purposes) I needed to take 1.an Anti-Hypertensive Med for 8 weeks; THEN…..2. an Anti-Epileptic; THEN 3. an Anti-Depressant! 
  • #2 Neurologist wanted to do Neuropsych testing, more bloodwork and put me on Nortriptyline.
  • Acupuncturist seen weekly took my pain level from a level 5 to level 2 – 3 where I have remained for the past 3 months.
  • #3 Neurologist – MORE bloodwork; an EEG (Negative) and said if what I was doing was helping, continue on the course I was on.
  • Ophthalmologist – 2 visual field tests and OCT test (Normal)
  •  I am now seeing a different acupuncturist in hopes she can resolve this perpetual headache and blurry eye. 

I am not interested in masking my body’s reaction to the shot with more drugs. I want to give it a chance it heal on its own. It’s my belief the doctors genuinely do not know how to help me.  I live with the confidence I will someday be able to live without a headache and blurred eyesight. It has been quite the journey.

9/21/2021 Update – Stepfather’s Death Reported Possibly from Covid Vaccine, Names Withheld:

My stepfather died two weeks after being vaccinated. Nobody knows why. He was in excellent health. Absolutely everybody expected him to outlive my mother, who is in ill health and now struggling to take care of herself without him.

No autopsy was done. He died in his sleep and didn’t wake up. Now he’s been cremated. My mother has been living in extreme fear of Covid and condemning herself to house arrest ever since March of 2020. She will never, ever admit that the vaccine could’ve had anything to do with her husband‘s death, because doing so would be tantamount to admitting partial culpability, since she wholeheartedly pushed for both of them to get vaccinated. Her only side effect from her vaccine was a 3 inch diameter bruise around the vaccination site.

Diane Badua – Death from Covid Vaccine on February 18, 2021:

Received 9/15/2021, a copy of a social media post by a daughter of Mrs. Badua:
I’m honoring my mom Diana. She’s a beautiful, full of life, caring and loving spirit. The type of love she emitted is like no other. I will miss her very deeply. We are having a walkthrough memorial today at Kalapaki beach park fronting the Niumalu canoe club from 10a-2p. All are welcome to walk by and friends afar can send their prayers/energy to her. She passed away on February 18, 2021 a few hours after receiving her 2nd covid vaccination. Despite her preexisting health conditions and penicillin allergy her Dr. said it was ok for her to receive the vaccine. Autopsy ruled it natural causes. It will take another 4-6 weeks for the internal results to see if she had an allergic (anaphylactic) reaction. There has been a lot of questions and emotions following through me. I still need grieving/healing time and I appreciate all the love, strength and support I have received already. Thank you. Love to all and love you mom! Dated March 14th, 2021.
Name Withheld.

Received 5/15/2021, Text from a social media post about Diane Badua:
Diana Badua was 58 when she passed in February 2021. She was a loving mother, grandmother, and friend. In 2016 she was diagnosed with mild Asthma, COPD/Emphysema which doctors told her that her Inhaler and Nebulizer was all the treatment she would need. When COVID-19 surfaced she took the right precautions as wearing her mask and practicing good hygiene to insure herself and others around her that she is keeping herself, family, and others safe. With all the mainstream medias and news talking about the spread of COVID-19 and how the virus can affect you and how you could be a carrier and spread it, she got scared into making the decision to take the vaccine to keep herself and her family safe. When vaccinations became available, she decided she wanted to get one because she was scared that she would die from COVID or spread it to ‘her family. She was then told by the vaccination center that she was unable to receive a vaccination due to her undergoing health condition and would need a doctors referral note. She then got a doctors referral note from her primary doctor which said: “Despite having a Penicillin allergy, it should be fine for her to take COVID vaccination”. She then went on to take the first shot and saw mild side effects, like someone punched her in the arm, fatigue etc. She took her second shot on a Thursday morning. 1 hour after receiving the shot her lungs had collapsed and she had passed in her home. Before that her daughter just got off the phone with her 5 minutes ago to let her know she was almost to the house. Diana was perfectly fine, happy, just like another day, responsive. When her daughter arrived at the house Diana was already having a hard time breathing and gasping for air. The Ambulance was already called and on their way. When the ambulance arrived at the house. Which is less then 5 minutes away from the hospital, Diana just collapsed and was unconscious/unresponsive. Medics took her to the ambulance and tried to resuscitate her then rushed her to the Emergency Room. She was then pronounced dead at the emergency room. Undated.
Name Withheld.

Fred’s Story:


I’m Alfred (Fred) Sarmento, 62 years old, of Kekaha Kauai. I attest to the following statements regarding my problems with the Pfizer Covid vaccine:

Reason for taking vaccine:
I am the caregiver for my 87-year-old mother in Lawai, and I wanted to take her to the mainland. I assumed the vaccine was safe and effective and did not inquire about efficacy nor side effects at that time.

I received Pfizer first dose March 31st, 2021, at Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital vaccine clinic and my second dose 4/21/2021, again at Waimea’s KVMH.

My problems with Pfizer’s vaccine:
The day after my first Pfizer dose I began to bleed from varicose veins in my right shin. I bled in the shower for three days requiring pressure bandaging to stop blood flow. I noticed unusual soreness where I was given the shot and my already arthritic joints became much more painful. My arthritis is far worse after the jab that before. I suffered extreme pain in the area around my total left knee replacement surgery I had on January 26th, 2021.
Within two weeks after second dose I noticed a horrible itching rash with purple skin discoloration on areas of my left and right feet. I tried treating it with athlete’s foot remedies from the store for a month to no effect. In fact, it got much worse. The rash spread to my arms, torso, and face. I saw my Kauai dermatologist on July 1st. He told me he had experienced a similar rash from the vaccine. He diagnosed me with an eczema skin rash due to hyper-antibody production from the vaccine. Exacerbated by any rubbing actions on my skin. Prescribed me Halobetasol cream, a steroid, which helped clear most of the rash in a few weeks.
Along with the rash I began to get deep chest pains and shortness of breath, particularly after exercise but also at rest. I had numerous tests including an ER visit at Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital, on June 26th, 2021, for acute chest pain and shortness of breath. Tests and imaging were inconclusive. The ER doctor said my symptoms were obvious, but concluded I was suffering from an allergic reaction to an unknown allergen. Subsequent Pulmonary tests proved inconclusive and the chest pain with shortness of breath remains untreated today. From my medical research I believe the chest pains and shortness of breath is due to endothelial damage on the capillary level around heart and lung alveoli.
My personal PCP from KMC Eleele, refused, in numerous visits, to consider the vaccine as a cause of my various symptoms. He considers every one of my symptoms as “coincidental” to my vaccination. He refused ivermectin for me when I requested it, claiming it was “proven ineffective”. He finally prescribed prednisone as a steroid. I had noticed that the steroid cream I was using for my rash was helping some of my other symptoms from the vaccine, beyond the rash. I used the prednisone for about two weeks. It did help, but no other steroid was offered by my PCP. He is now claiming that my symptoms are the fault of my smoking that I had quit 15 years earlier. Nonsense! I never had a problem with shortness of breath previously in my entire life.
To make matters worse, my PCP was so adamant on my wife getting the vaccine, that he was willing to let her risk anaphylaxis, despite her being allergic to both polyethylene glycol and polysorbate 80, present in the vaccines. This doctor told her to just wait 45 minutes after being vaccinated to see if she reacted!
Within two weeks of second dose, I woke up with a painful trigger finger. Left middle finger and right index finger. I never experienced this before vaccination. Obviously was caused by inflammation. It went away for a week with prednisone use. Returned as dosage was tapered off. Continues to be very painful to this day.
A month after second dose I began feeling a horrible burning pain on my upper left thigh, above where the tourniquet bruise was from my January total knee replacement surgery. The area was bigger than my left hand spread out and felt as if someone was holding a blow torch against the skin, especially when air blew over the area or clothes touched it. The skin patch was discolored and looked like blood was clotted within and under the skin. Obvious neurological and capillary damage. A friend, Paul, suggested using glutathione, an antioxidant to help remove the spike proteins that could be causing the burning and blood clotting. I ordered and used “Celltrient Protect” which contains glycine and N-acetyl cysteine, amino acids that cause your body to make glutathione. In about three weeks the pain began to subside, and the color of the skin began to return to normal. I still use Celltrient Protect to help clear blood clots. It’s a powder packet that you mix with 4 to 6 ounces of water and drink with my daily vitamins and supplements.
Other symptoms are headaches deep behind my eyes. They come and go several times a day. I never had migraines before. Right after the first dose, my tinnitus became twice as bad as it was previously. My hearing is much more difficult since the vaccine. A Honolulu audiologist diagnosed a marked decrease in my hearing, but now, I show a distinct mismatch between my cochlear hearing and that through my ear. Hearing aids would be useless in this situation according to my Kauai internist who interpreted the audiologist’s report.
I suffer from tiredness after light exercise, pains that appear and disappear in various parts of my body on an irregular basis. All exacerbated with exercise.
The worst, most worrisome symptom to me was and continues to be the brain fog. A scary inability to recall a word or name. I am a conservative Christian writer. I haven’t written anything this long or challenging as this record in more than three months.
After researching medical studies online for months, I came across Covidlonghaulers.com. IncellDx is the company of a Dr. Bruce Patterson. They have begun testing those with long term symptoms of Covid and the Covid vaccine reactions, and treating them with medication protocols that include Ivermectin, based upon the results of their proprietary blood test. He claims remarkable results in 4 to 6 weeks of treatment. Here on Kauai, I cannot find a doctor who would act as my PCP and sponsor my testing and treatment, a requirement of the IncellDx team. My PCP in Eleele, stated that they were engaging in “bad science” without looking at their website and credentials then proceeded to claim they were only “out for the money”. For the most part, physicians of Hawaii Pacific Health and Kauai Medical Clinics refuse to recognize the damages caused by the gene therapy devices that mRNA Covid vaccines are, be it Pfizer or Moderna. Those that do recognize the problems will only claim that any treatment is beyond them, claiming that I’m in “uncharted waters”, where no established treatment protocols exist.
Research shows that all three American vaccines for Covid are not true vaccines but a test bed for a gene therapy technology that, in my experience and research, is nowhere near ready to be unleased on the American public much less mandated. No doubt they can help some people. However, the CDC’s own website shows that greater than 98% of people survive getting Covid 19 or its variants. Survival rates are above 99% for most age groups. Mandating a vaccine that can cause injury or death for a disease that is not nearly as deadly as the fear mongering from mainstream media and governments suggests, is un-scientific, unethical, and evil. In the end it’s your choice. America was founded upon Christian Liberty not by force. I believe as Kauai’s citizens get more information about the negative vaccine effects, they will have a better understanding of what could happen to them or their family.
I pray to God that if you have read this that you stop and research the possible negative reactions you can get from these so-called vaccines. If not for yourself, then maybe to save your family that will suffer along with you.
If you want to discuss this record, call me. My cell is 808-652-0680. Maybe you are courageous enough to call me so I can publish your, or your families Kauai story so others can learn from your experience. Call, e-mail or text me.
If I can save one person from the suffering I have gone through, just maybe my taking the vaccine voluntarily will have been worthwhile.
God bless,
Alfred (Fred) Sarmento. Updated 9/13/2021