Dr. Robert Malone, the “Father of mNRA Technology”, Discusses Vaccine & Covid Problems on the Jimmy Dore Show, Dated September 14th, 2021, Posted 9/22/2021:

Citizen Free Press Posts FDA Testimony Highlighting Disastrous Vaccine Reactions
Posted 9/18/2021:

VCY America’s “CROSSTALK” a daily, Christian radio show broadcast nation wide and available on Apple Podcasts. In the following link, Dated September 13, 2021, Host Jim Schneider ​interviews Guest Dr. Vladimir Zelenko who has successfully treated thousands of Covid patients in his New York practice, keeping the vast majority out of the hospital and alive. Here, Dr. Zelenko discusses the research and the science behind the vaccines, their negative reactions,, and drug protocols that keep people out of the hospital and survive their contact with the Covid 19 virus.

Research the facts and decide for yourselves.

VaxLonghaulers demand treatment for symptoms from vaccines! 9/16/2021:

Idaho Doctor reports a 20x increase in cancers in those who have been vaccinated, especially for women! 9/16/2021:

1000 Covid Stories World Wide 9/13/2021:

Independent Reporter Sheryl Attkisson has compiled an exhaustive report of Covid vaccine reactions world wide. Please take a good look! 9/12/2021

Viewer submitted link to FLCCC: Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance. Offers cutting edge protocols for treating those with Covid… Protocols most of Kauai’s doctors and hospitals are refusing to use as patients die…. 9/12/2021